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About Us

Shanti Hodges and her family have been in the outdoor scene for several years. In 2013, her passion for parenting and exploration inspired her to create a small group of friends and families that went on little adventures. What started as a gathering of friends with a shared passion for the outdoors has now grown to nearly 40,000 members of a non-profit organization called Hike it Baby. Shanti wanted to combine her expertise in family hiking with better-supplying parents and their children with both food and gear.


So in 2017, she partnered up with Kolin Karchon, Travis Tamez and Ryan Forrest, the founders of IsleBox, a well-established outdoor subscription box company to create Little Hiker Box. The extensive outdoor experience of all 4 founders combined with an amazing network of thousands of parents eager to share their own recommendations allows Little Hiker to provide quality goods that help families get outside, while saving them time and money.